1263, 1266

Staking & cartoning system, Kliklok, type: TRAC-i, Nº ID-1263, ID-1266

2 Units available

Serial number: TRAC-i-052-KM / TRAC-i-051-KM

Year: 2004

Power supply: 380/440 V- 50/60Hz

Dimensions: 1730 x 1000 x 2400 mm

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The independently-driven TRAC (Transfer Right-Angle Collator) provides collation and transfer of products into the continuously running PIC (Product Infeed Conveyor) of endload cartoners. The servo design, stainless steel construction, and compact footprint provide layout and application flexibility. Special configurations allow cost-effective high-speed product stacking and grouping.

RANDOM INFEED WITH SMARTBELT ADJUSTMENT Products arriving at random pass over a two-stage smartbelt system, which adapts the speed and spacing of products for accurate timing to the overhead sweep assembly.

PRODUCT LENGTH CHECK AND ABORT The abort system on the TRAC ensures that only correctly positioned and in-time products are loaded. The pass-through abort feature ensures no machine stop is required, so continuous production is maintained.

COLLATION AND TRANSFER The TRAC collates and transfers products into the PIC flights of an endload cartoner. Products may be swept individually or collated side by-side or end-to-end.

COMPACT DESIGN The small, efficient footprint of the TRAC makes integration easy even in production environments where space is limited. Right-angle and straight-line configurations provide layout flexibility.

STACKING CAPABILITY The TRAC provides a cost-effective product stacking option. Available in straight-line or 90-degree configurations, the “Stacking-TRAC” accepts products delivered at random and transfers them to a servo-controlled elevator which stacks up to four products at high speed for transfer to an endload cartoner’s Product Infeed Conveyor.

Your benefits:

  • Speeds up to 150 products/min

  • Side-by-side and end-to-end collating

  • Stacking options

  • Product length check with abort

  • Easy size change

  • Stainless steel design (IP65)